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Selling a House With Structural Damage Pennsylvania
"Can a House Be Sold Be With Foundation Issues?"

Selling a House With Foundation Issues in PA

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How to Tell If You Have Foundation Issues?

Unless you’re an expert in the field, foundation issues can be hard to spot to the untrained eye. That said, there are several factors that could hint at potential issues.

Interior Signs of Structural Damage

An eye for subtle shifts in your environment is crucial here. If you’ve started noticing that your windows or doors don’t properly open and close, it may be due to the house settling onto the foundation in an uneven manner. A similar cause could be behind sloping, sagging, or uneven floors and a gap appearing between your walls and ceiling.

Uneven wood floor planks might be annoying when you’re trying to move furniture, but they’re also a sign of foundation shifts. Diagonal wall cracks in drywall, sometimes hidden behind wallpaper or paint, are another common symptom. Furthermore, if you spot standing water or dampness in the basement or crawl space, it’s best to consult with an expert ASAP.

Exterior Signs of Structural Damage

Now, let’s step outside. Stair step cracks in bricks or blocks, particularly those with substantial width, are a warning sign not to be overlooked. Gaps between garage door and pavement indicate movement in the soil underneath your house.

Walls bulging or bowing? Yikes, now that’s a serious one! You’re probably dealing with expansive soil effects or hydrostatic pressure increase. In simpler terms, too much wet-dry or freeze-thaw cycles going on.

Large horizontal or vertical cracks and your porch or deck pulling away from the house? Chances are, the foundation is shifting. Lastly, a chimney leaning or separated from the house speaks volumes about underlying issues.

Most Common Causes of Foundation Issues in Pennsylvania

These alarming signs are typically triggered by a variety of factors.

The changes in the soil are often to blame: with every dry-wet or freeze-thaw cycle, the soil contracts and expands, leading to shifts in the foundation. Poor drainage also contributes to this, causing soil saturation, which leads to expansion.

Then, we have those lovely large tree roots sucking the moisture out of your soil, causing it to shrink and consequently, your house to settle. Let’s not forget the poor construction – if your house wasn’t built on a well-compacted soil base, foundation issues could arise in the future.

Am I required to fix foundation problems in order to sell my house in Pennsylvania?

Okay, so you’ve spotted a couple of the signs above. Do you really need to fix the foundation problems before you can sell? Well, that’s a grey area. Technically, you’re not legally obligated to fix these issues before selling the property. However, it’s still a delicate matter and you’re taking a bit of a gamble here.

From a realtor’s viewpoint, a house with foundation problems can be seen as a tough sell. Prospective buyers may be turned off by the thought of potential repairs that could rack up a hefty bill. Moreover, mortgage companies are often hesitant to lend money for houses with serious structural damage.

On the other hand, a house with foundation problems can appeal to certain buyers, such as house flippers or investors, who are looking for properties to renovate and resell. However, they will most likely demand a discount to cover the costs of repairs.

So, it’s really up to you and your circumstances. There’s always a risk, yet also a reward.

Pros and Cons of Fixing Foundation Issues Before Selling



Increases property value

Can be expensive

Attracts more buyers

May delay the sale

Avoids sale complications

Not 100% guaranteed to fix the problem

Do I have to disclose the structural damage to buyers in PA?

Let’s cut to the chase – yes, you do. Legally, you’re required to inform potential buyers of any known foundation issues. Acting otherwise could land you in hot legal water for misrepresentation or nondisclosure.

But let’s look beyond the legality angle. Honesty also builds trust with potential buyers, thereby increasing your chances of closing the deal. They will be more confident negotiating with someone straightforward, rather than finding out about the issues during inspection and feeling deceived.

Options for Selling a House with Foundation Issues in PA

You’ve got a few paths to choose from.

  1. You could roll up your sleeves and make the foundation repairs yourself. This will likely increase your property’s value and marketability. But keep in mind that this can be pricey and time-consuming.
  2. Another option is to lower your asking price or offer a credit. This concedes the repair costs to potential buyers and may also prevent dragging out the selling process.
  3. Lastly, you could also sell directly to a cash investor in as-is condition. This means selling the house as it stands, foundation issues and all. Sure, you’ll get less than market value, but you could sell fast without extra costs or waiting time.
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We Buy Houses with Foundation Issues in Pennsylvania

One such cash investor is our company, Yes I Pay Cash. We buy houses with foundation issues, offering a fair price and a hassle-free selling experience. No need to stress over negotiations, hidden fees, or delays. We close deals promptly and handle all the paperwork. You can walk away with cash in hand, putting all your foundation worries behind you!

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Sell a Property with Foundation Issues in PA - Related Questions

Can I sell my house as-is?

Yes, you can sell your house as it stands, foundation issues and all. Companies like Yes I Pay Cash are willing to purchase properties in as-is condition.

How can I tell if my house has foundation issues?

There are several signs to look out for, such as doors and windows not closing properly, cracks in the walls, dampness in the basement, porch pulling away from the house, etc.

What are the common causes of foundation problems?

Common causes can include changes in the soil, poor drainage, large tree roots, and poor construction.

Do I have to disclose foundation issues when selling my house?

Yes, legally you’re required to inform potential buyers about any known structural damage.

What is the best option for selling a house with foundation issues?

The “best” option depends on your situation and preferences. You can either fix the issues, adjust your asking price, or sell the property as-is to a buyer or an investor.

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Final Thoughts: How to Sell a House with Foundation Problems in PA

Selling a house with foundation issues might be complicated, but it’s definitely doable. By understanding the signs, causes, and your obligations as the seller, you’ll be equipped to make the best decision. Whether you opt for repairs, price adjustments, or selling as-is to a company like Yes I Pay Cash, the key is to act knowledgably and in your best interest.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal or financial advice. Please consult with professionals for advice specific to your situation.

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